Wolves and Witches


Witches have stories too.

So do mermaids, millers’ daughters, princes (charming or otherwise), even big bad wolves. They may be a bit darker–fewer enchanted ball gowns, more iron shoes. Happily-ever-after? Depends on who you ask. In Wolves and Witches, sisters Amanda C. Davis and Megan Engelhardt weave sixteen stories and poems out of familiar fairy tales, letting them show their teeth.


Flytrap by Amanda C. Davis
The Instructions by Amanda C. Davis
The Gold in the Straw by Amanda C. Davis
The Long Con by Megan Engelhardt
The Peril of Stories by Amanda C. Davis
The Witch of the Wolfwoods by Amanda C. Davis
Untruths About the Desirability of Wolves by Megan Engelhardt
Bones in the Branches by Amanda C. Davis
A Letter Concerning Shoes by Megan Engelhardt
Her Dark Materials by Amanda C. Davis
A Mouth to Speak the Coming Home by Megan Engelhardt
A Shining Spindle Can Still Be Poisoned by Amanda C. Davis
The Best Boy, the Brightest Boy by Megan Engelhardt
Lure by Amanda C. Davis
Diamond and Toad by Megan Engelhardt
For Taylor, On the Occasion of Her Fourteenth Birthday with Love by Megan Engelhardt
Questing for Princesses by Amanda C. Davis


“Wolves and Witches is a fabulous collection of re-imagined fairy tales. I made the mistake of starting it late one evening and couldn’t go to sleep until I had read it all. With their dark prose and evocative poetry these sisters have done the Brothers Grimm proud.”
— Rhonda Parrish, Niteblade Fantasy and Horror Magazine

“It’s in the details that Davis and Engelhardt get you. I don’t know if it’s love or obsession or maybe just succumbing to the spell, but what stays with me is the tenor and texture of these tales retold — whether the fabric of a dancing shoe, the hollowness of bones in the wind, or the sharp critique of stereotyped social norms. Let yourself be enchanted and enjoy.”
— Dan Campbell, Bull Spec

“Sisters Amanda C. Davis and Megan Engelhardt are the female Brothers Grimm.”
— K. Allen Wood, Shock Totem

“Davis and Engelhardt’s Wolves and Witches: A Fairy Tale Collection is a joy, start to finish. At times eloquent, at times written in a bare-bones style, this collection of verse and prose takes familiar fairy tales and turns them into something darker, deeper, and delicious. My very heart was stolen by a cobbler with a bad leg. That’s good storytelling.”
— Mercedes M. Yardley, Author of Beautiful Sorrows

“Dark and delicious revenge-filled tales! I Highly Recommend this fun and small collection of short stories.”
— Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust.

“In their collection of re-envisioned fairy tales, Wolves and Witches, Amanda C. Davis and Megan Engelhardt deliver an assortment of poetry and short fiction that entertains the ear and tickles the mind. The prose is assured, clever, and insightful, and the stories, which often experiment with perspective, dance from the page.”
— Stephen Ramey, author of Glass Animals, and editor for the Triangulation anthology series from Parsec Ink

“Once I began to read this collection, I couldn’t stop. Just as with those secretive princesses with their silken slippers gone to shreds, I danced among these pages until dawn!”
— Terrie Leigh Relf, Illumen

“Strong writing touched with sly humor.”
— Lissa Sloan, Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine


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