Peculiar Situations

Peculiar Situations cover

A whisper in the dark…how peculiar!
A hunting expedition gone wrong…astonishing!
A mysterious woman sealed in an ancient tomb…by Jove!
A pair of shoes at a crossroads…have you ever seen such a thing?

These preposterous journeys take the reader from the sands of Egypt to a small Southern town, deep into a mine in the Wild West and down a river of immortality in Africa.The world is full of strangeness. Megan Engelhardt brings you four of the darkest, funniest, most peculiar situations of them all.

Stories first appeared in The Scroll of Anubis (Library of the Living Dead Press), Zombie Kong (Books of the Dead Press), Necrotic Tissue (Stygian Publications) and The Old Weird South (QW Publications).


Devil’s Down
The Ape That Would Not Die
The Baron and the Cat
A True Story About the Devil and Jamie’s Shoes

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“Megan’s writing has a classic timeless feeling…”
— Rhonda Parris, Niteblade Fantasy and Horror Magazine

“Megan has the uncanny—one might even say peculiar—ability to capture the voice of days gone by when people told spooky stories at night around a fire with the wind whistling down their backs and bare tree branches clacking together like old bones.”
— Susan Abel Sullivan, Author of The Weredog Whisperer and The Haunted Housewives of Allister, AL


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