Short Fiction:

* Penumbra Zombie Apocalypse issue: Oh, the Places You’ll Hide: A Brief        Guide for the Library Specialist After the Undead Uprising
* FISH: Anansi and the New Thing [Dagan Books][Amazon]
* The Old Weird South anthology: A True Story About the Devil and Jamie’s
Shoes [Amazon]
* Daily Science Fiction: The Long Con
* Allegory: Green
* The Four Horsemen anthology: The Gunny [Amazon]
* Necrotic Tissue #12: Devil’s Down [Amazon]
* The Scroll of Anubis anthology: The Baron and the Cat [Amazon]
* Space Squid Issue #10: Best Boy, Brightest Boy
* Drabblecast #225: Trifecta XIX: Best Boy, Brightest Boy
* Crossed Genres Issue #34: Waiting in the Light in the Hungry Months
* Zombie Kong anthology: The Gorilla That Would Not Die! [Amazon]
* The Lost: Jimmy Got-It Gets It
* Fantasia Divinity Princess Fairy Tale Anthology: Roses in Zero-G [Amazon]
* Corvidae: Seven for a Secret [Amazon]

Long Fiction:

* Wolves and Witches: A fairytale collection with Amanda C. Davis from
World Weaver Press [Amazon] [Barnes & Noble] [Kobo]


* Asimov’s: Echoes of Light from Orbit (interview with me also available)
* SpellboundCreatures of the Deep, Dark Woods: Serafina Will Not Go

* Cover of Darkness 2011: The Ballad of the Lost
* Silver Blade Issue #10: There Are No Trees on Alpha Centauri
* Kaleidotrope Issue #11: Hymn for the Ether-naut
* Enchanted Conversation: Untruths About the Desirability of Wolves
* Enchanted Conversation: Radishpunzel
* Everyday Weirdness: Mary
* Innsmouth Free Press: Lullaby
* From the Porch Swing anthology: Painted Nylon Seams [Amazon]
* “Poems About Grandparents”: Painted Nylon Seams


* 16 Single Sentence Stories: The Glimmer of Light on Silver Pills
* Tweet the Meat: Little Lamb
* Thaumatrope: Icarus / Turkey Day  
* Innsmouth Free Press: Breakfast


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