Bear Over the Mountain

I’ve been a bit behind on some projects (like Amerieurovisioncast) the last few months because:


This is #3 for us and he’s almost three months now, but I’m just in the last week or two getting back to work. I found out with #1 that my creative brain is nonfunctioning when my babies are little. I tried! K1 was a few weeks old and I thought I’d try writing a story based on the phrase “when Bear went over the mountain” that my sleep-deprived brain kept tossing up. This is what happened.


The world was young and life was younger when Bear went over the mountain.

“There’s nothing over the mountain,” said the Carry-Man, who had made the trip before.  “Nothing but land and sea and the Wound of the World.”

“Then that is where I’ll go,” said Bear.  “Across the land and over the sea to heal the Wound of the World.”

So off went Bear with the Razzle Dandy by his side to find and heal the Wound of the World.  They crossed the fields of the Marsh Merry Maids, the lake where the Snarlfish swarmed; for a day and a night they traveled the land, and then they went over the mountain.

At the top of the mountain they met an old man whose beard was as long as a pike.

“Where are you going?” asked the pike-bearded man, “and what do you plan to do there?”

“We go over the land and across the sea to heal the Wound of the World,” said Bear.

“May I come?” asked the man with the pike-bearded chin.  “I have lived on the top of the mountain but never dared venture below.”

“Come along,” said Bear, and the Razzle Dandy grinned, and they set off together, all three.

Across the land and over the sea the companions made their way.  They met strange folks in the lands over the water, but Bear led the way


Yep, it ends in the middle of a sentence. I wish I knew where the story was heading. I rather like the sound of the Razzle Dandy and the Carry-Man. But you need more than interesting names to make a story, and unfortunately(?), the rest of that story is lost to the fog.


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