Cleveland Concoction 2016

I generally try to keep a low profile. I don’t like making an entrance — I’m pretty uncomfortable with the spotlight — if I can get through the day without being noticed, I’m happy.

But sometimes I’ve got to up my game and dear readers, everyday (this weekend) I’m hustlin’.

Cleveland Concoction 2016 starts Friday, March 11 (tomorrow!) and I will be there in spades. If you want to hear me talk (and don’t want to listen to my podcast ((or my other podcast)) for some reason) you can see me at the following panels:


Friday, March 11

2 pm — Overcoming Writer’s Block

6pm — Author Showcase

7pm — Autographing Session

11pm — My Favorite Heroines


Saturday, March 12


12pm — Why Villains Matter

6pm — Common Problems of New Writers

8pm — Shaping the Short Story


All panels are in the Lyra room, except the Autographing Session which is in Authors Alley.


Please stop by and say hi, show me a smiling face in the audience, we’ll take a selfie, and hey, buy my books while you’re at it!

If you can’t make it this weekend then 1) laaaaaaame, 2) I still love you and 3) don’t worry, you can still buy Wolves and Witches and Peculiar Situations online. (Peculiar Situations is also, for a limited time, at convention discount on both Amazon and Smashwords.)

Of course, if you come see me in meatspoace, you can get your copy of Wolves and Witches signed for free. I’ll also have coupons to get Peculiar Situations for free.

FOR FREE, y’all.

But even if you don’t want a book for free for whatever insane reason, ConCoction is a good time and you guys should totes come.


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